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Frequently Asked

Is this a 21 + establishment?

  • We are a family friendly restaurant on Sunday- Thursday. We are a 21+ location after 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays. For exceptions and more info please call us at 732.510.7471. Please be advised that all guests under 21 must be accompanied by a liable adult 21 years or older.


How far in advance do I need to book a reservation?

  • We do receive reservations about two months in advance. As we get closer to the date we get fully booked. 


What is required to reserve for a party?

  • All reservations of 4 and more must hold a card on file. 

  • All parties of 8 + will have to do an agreement of terms, except on the weekends it is mandatory to do a package.

  • On the weekdays it is optional to do a package but a minimum spend will be the alternative option. 

  • Parties of 6 or 7 have the option of doing a package.


What will my card on file be charged for?

  • The card will not be charged unless there’s a cancellation within 48hrs of the reservation time; there is a complete or partial no show fee, this includes the guest count decreasing. If you would like to avoid any fees please do so before the 48 hour mark. 

  • The fee is $25 per person. 

  • The card on file cannot be used to manually pay your bill, it is charged through a separate system.You must bring in a physical form of payment. 


Is the two hour limit enforced?

  • Due to the high volume of reservations on the weekend it is enforced.

  • On the weekdays, if the table is not needed for another reservation then the rule is not applied. 


Do you serve food at the bar?

  • Yes, our entire menu is available. 


What is the latest time I can reserve a table?

  • Monday - Saturday 11:30pm. 


Is hookah available?

  • No, we don't allow any smoking in the building. 

What music do you play?

  • Mainly Caribbean and Hip Hop 7 days a week, from open to close, including reggaetón, dembow, dancehall, soca, and afrobeats. 


What kind of food do you offer?

  • Our menu fuses international flavors to deliver you a range of fine plates. We curate original recipes, inspired by your favorite foods with a gourmet fusion twist. You can find seafood, chicken, steak, lamb, pastas, and vegetarian options.


Is your food halal?

  • Yes, our food selection is made with 100% certified halal ingredients; all of our meats are halal and we do not carry pork.

Can I bring my birthday cake? 

  • Yes! You may bring your own dessert at a flat fee of $25- this is the outside cake fee. This optionally includes refrigeration, presenting with candles & DJ shout out, slicing, and serving. _Please be advised that alcoholic beverages or liquor bottles on the cake are not accepted.

When does your kitchen close? 

  • 12:45am 6 days a week and 11pm on Sundays.

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